A good tattoo can change your appearance for the better and leave you with a sense of who you truly are and what’s important to you. If you put some thought into it and hire a talented artist, you’ll be impressed with your new addition and will probably start to crave more. Tattoos really are addictive, so do you research into all of the options that you have before you settle on one.

We’ve chosen examples of the most badass tattoos to show you what other guys have done. Get inspired by their designs and start thinking of your own version. Make it personal. If you see something here that you like, save the picture and see how you can change it in order to fit your body type and your personality. If you like the design as-is, that’s alright. A good tattoo artist can replicate something exactly so that you know what you’re getting before you commit. Just don’t expect the tattoo artist to be able to also add the muscles that you see in these examples.

Remember that you should never be afraid to sink a large chunk of money into a truly badass tattoo. This thing is going to be on your body for life, so make sure that it’s a design that means something important to you and will be a significant part of your life for years to come. Take a look through the gallery and start thinking about your own (future) tattoos.

Check out these galleries of badass tattoo art:


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