Just like the back, the chest offers a lot of open area for a large tattoo. The difference is that some men like to be able to admire their tattoos without a mirror. Besides that, chest tattoos allow the tattoo artist to highlight your pecs and shoulders to show off the muscles that you’re most proud of. Many chest tattoos end up interacting and melding with shoulder tattoos so that it becomes one detailed, expansive piece.

In a way, the chest is an area for designs that are “close to your heart.” Although it might sound cheesy, you can get a tattoo that is incredibly meaningful to you and still look manly. What’s more badass than a man who is secure in knowing what and who he loves? Get something that is symbolic to you and your life. Some men choose to get a heritage-based tattoo, like a Celtic knot or an Asian design, in order to keep their family history alive. Others write inspirational phrases or quotes that will serve to motivate them for the rest of their lives. Some might choose to get their family members’ portraits or names tattooed to keep those people close to the heart. Some chest tattoos are simply made up of an attractive design or an important picture. Whatever you decide to get, remember that chest designs are always powerful pieces and that they can carry a lot of symbolic weight.




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