Keep special tattoos close to you heart by placing them on your chest. Many women are choosing to tattoo their badass designs on their chest for a more dramatic appearance, as well as a chance to make the tattoo even more special for them.

These tattoos can include all kinds of things that are important to you. Some women might choose to include the names of her children or other family members in an attempt to keep them all close to her heart. Attractive, meaningful designs are also popular, and the shape of a woman’s chest is usually conducive to all kinds of interesting tattoo elements. You can dip your tattoo design into your cleavage for a theatrical, sexy effect, or you can elegantly drape the design across your collarbones for a more low-key way of expressing yourself.

Be aware that these tattoos are sometimes hard to hide, especially if you are prone to wearing low-cut shirts. Think about how a large chest tattoo might affect you in the future and decide whether it is worth it. Although these tattoos are great for a lot of people, you will never be happy with yours if you feel that it is holding you back from something. Take a look at the examples of these badass women’s chest tattoos in order to get a better idea of what might work best in your situation.



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