Women enjoy tattoos in one particular spot that men generally don’t think to get tattooed: their feet. A foot tattoo can be easy to hide in certain shoes, yet it can be a unique and elegant spot for design. You’ll be able to show off the design when you wear sandals or go barefoot at the beach. It truly depends on your style, but a foot tattoo can be a versatile area for a special tattoo.

Foot tattoos are considered particularly badass because of the amount of pain sometimes involved. We’re not going to lie about it; tattooing a foot can hurt a lot sometimes because of the lack of fat and the proximity of small bones to your skin. This just means that you’ll have to be extra certain that you are making the right choice for your tattoo. Check out what other women have had inked on their feet and decide what kind of designs you like best.

Foot tattoos can be done in pairs or on just one foot. You can even go with a friend and get matching designs in a semi-hidden place. Foot tattoos are simultaneously fun and chic. Depending on how they are handled, they could be a good choice for any woman looking for a new tattoo.



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