Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a shoulder tattoo is too manly for a woman. Tattoos have changed over the years, and it’s become common for women to put their favorite designs in this spot. It’s a visible place that can also be hidden with just a little bit of work. Beyond that, it’s a very traditional spot for tattoos that have a special meaning that you don’t mind if other people view.

Your shoulder tattoo can be as big or as small as you like. Some women decide to get full-blown, colorful designs that spread across their entire shoulders, almost to the point of joining with a chest tattoo. Others only tattoo a small design that contains a lot of personal meaning. Either way, make sure that you are truly happy with whatever you decided to get inked on yourself.

Be aware that, especially with women’s clothing styles today, these tattoos can be a little difficult to hide. Pick something that you won’t be embarrassed for everyone to see. Know your goals in life and think about how a tattoo like this would affect things that you might want to do later on. If you don’t see any significant problems, go ahead and get it! You’ll be happier knowing that you’ve thought it out and made a decision that you can stand by for years to come. These tattoos can have a lot of great meanings attached, so carrying something like this with you can be a powerful way of knowing who you really are.



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